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Unter der Bezeichnung "Garling Collection" werden eine Reihe in Moldawien hergestellter hochwertiger alkoholischer Getränke, wie Weine, Sekt und Kognak, vertrieben. Die Marke "Garling" ist fast 200 Jahre alt. Im Jahr 1813 wurde sie durch Francois Garling in Moldawien gegründet. Später gingen die Geheimnisse der Weinherstellung verloren bis 1994 in den Archiven des Institutes für Weinherstellung die einzigartigen Rezepturen Garlings wieder entdeckt wurden (aus den siebziger Jahren des 19. Jahrhunderts). Durch die Firma "Wine International Project" und moldawische Weinfachleute begann ihre wissenschaftliche Auswertung. Im Jahr 1996 konnte dann mit der Produktion der "Garling Collection" begonnen werden. Weitere Informationen sind auf der Website www.garlingcollection.ru zu finden.  Garling Collection With the name "Garling Collection" a row of high quality drinks like wine, champagner, cognac, are produced in Moldavia. The label "Garling" is nearly 200 years old. In the year 1813 it was founded by Francois Garling in Moldova. Later the recipes were lost. But in 1994 in the archives of the Institute for Wine Fabrication (sp?) the inimitable recipes from the 70th of the 19. century were found. Their scientific investigation started by the firm "Wine International Project" S.R.L. and wine specialists from Moldova. In the year 1996 the production of the "Garling Collection" started. Further information are to be find at the website www.garlingcollection.ru.
Bleiben einige Fragen offen: Wer war Francois Garling? Etwa ein Elsasser (dem Vornamen nach?) der zu Napoleons Zeiten nach Moldawien kam? Etwa beim Rückzug des geschlagenen Napoleons übergelaufen u. in Bessarabien abgesetz? Bessarabien (südöst. Teil) wurde 1812 von den Türken den Russen übergeben u. war z.Z. stark entvölkert. Bukovina (nordwest. Teil) wurde 1775 von den Türken Östreich übergeben. Kam Francois als Siedler, bzw. Weinbauer schon vor 1813 dorthin? Gehörte er zu den deutschen Siedlern, die in den Balkan eingeladen wurden (darunter die vielen Mennoniten), z.B. Banat, Siebenbürgen, Moldawien (Bessarabien und Bukovina).
Ein Bier heißt Carling. Auf der Website www.carling.com findet man weitere Informationen.

Mark Jerling aus Newseeland teilte weitere Informationen mit. Er schrieb, daß Carling Black Label auch in Südafrika sehr populär ist. Es ist nach dem Gründer der Company, Thomas Carling, benannt. Eine Beziehung zum Namen Garling ist nicht bekannt. Hier der Link:
 Carling Beer  A beer is named Carling. At the website www.carling.com you will find more information.

Mark Jerling from New Zealand submitted: The beer Carling Black Label is also popular in South Africa. Carling Black Label is named for the founder of the company, Thomas Carling. I do not know if there's any relation to Garling. More information:

Molson Breweries is one of the most prominent breweries in Canada, the sixth largest in brewer in North America. It is also the oldest brewery in North America having been established in 1786 on the St. Lawrence River by John Molson. The market-share of Molson Breweries domestically in Canada was estimated at 46.5% (Molson). Molson ... brews several brands of beer under its title. The different labels are categorized by the taste and fullness of the beer, of its procedure of brewing. The categories are contemporary, traditional, premium, ice, alt, light and non-alcoholic. The contemporary category contains beers like: Carling Black Label ...

Best of GARLING in Geography

  • Gerlingen
    Gerlingen is a small town in Germany / Baden-Württemberg in the county Ludwigsburg. It lies 336 - 483 m high and has about 17.800 inhabitants (1989). Gerlingen was first mentioned in 797, in 1958 it became a "town". Interesting to see are the an old church (built in 1463) and a local heritage museum.

  • Garling Road, Kings Park 2148 NSW, Australia Ian R Garling (ian@garlings.com) submitted:
    Due to local government boundary changes, the whole of Garling Road in the Blacktown area, now resides wholly within the suburb of Kings Park only. The following extract is from the Elizabeth Garling dau of Frederick Garling page of the Aussiegarlings Website:
    When Frederick Garling learnt of his daughter's arrival he was returning home from a business trip to Parramatta, in company with his young articled clerk, George Allen. During their absence they had also taken the opportunity to visit Frederick Garling's farm at Prospect Hill (now Blacktown), and to inspect, for the first time, young Allen's own recent grant of 300 acres, which was on the eastern side of Garling's 1200 acres and separated from it by what is now Sunny Holt Road (both properties were intersected by Breakfast Creek).
    This property was a land grant from Governor Macquarie and Garling Rd is named after the fact that it is on part of Frederick's original property, which is now a very busy industrial area.
    Furthermore within the Greater City of Sydney, there is now:
    Garling Avenue, West Hoxton
    Garling Place, Barden Ridge
    Garling Place, Currans Hill
    Garling Street, Lane Cove West
    Garling way, Claymore
    The original reason for the use of the Garling name in these different suburbs is unclear. I guess could be that since both Currans Hill and Claymore fall within the local government boundary of Campbelltown, they were named after Keith Garling, the highly publicised Town Clerk of the Campbelltown Municipal Council.
    Garling Street, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia 
    Garling Street, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia 
    Garling Street, O'Connor WA 6163, Australia 
    Garling Street, Red Hill QLD 4059, Australia 
    Garling Street, Willagee Perth 6156, Australia 
    Garling Drive, Bloomington, IL 61701, US 
    Garling Drive, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127, US 
    Garling Drive, Latham, NY 12110, US 
    Garling Road, Chicora, PA 16025, US 
    Garling Road, Fairview, MI 48621, US 
    Garling's Street, Kent, England 
    Garling Road, Port Angeles, WA, US Garling Road in Port Angeles, Washington State, USA a small road; length aprox. 1 km; located on the town border, goes out of the town. Kevin Garling (KGarling@ci.kent.wa.us) submitted the following:
    That road is named for my Grandfather, Albert Garling, who moved out from Grand Rapids Minnesota in approximately 1927. Albert was in the timber industry and when he settled with his family in Port Angeles he bought a sizeable tract of land east of town. The road that exists there now was on his property. To my knowledge we cannot track back beyond Albert since family records were destroyed while the family belongings were stored during the move out to Washington State
    (on the picture: Lewis Garling, 1995)

    Who knows the stories?

  • A "Geographic Names Processing System" search delivered the following result:

    PoolAustraliaUgarling Pool
    RiverAustraliaGungarlin River
    MountAustraliaMount Garling
    Spot featureAustriaScharlinger
    ForrestBelgiumBois de Gerlin
    Spot featureGermanyGerlinghoff
    Spot featureGermanyGerlingergrund
    Spot featureGermanyGerling
    Spot featureGermanyGerling
    Spot featureGermanyGerling
    TownUnited KingdomGarlinge

    And the "Geographic Names Information System" query results for USA:

    Feature Name St County Equivalent Name Type
    GarlingtonHeights Housing Project GA Ware pop place
    Garlin KY Adair pop place
    Garlington Post Office (historical) LA Grant post office
    Garlingtons Island NC Camden island
    Garlin Ranch NV Nye locale
    Garlinghouse NY Ontario pop place
    Garlington Cemetery OK Cimarron cemetary
    Garlington Post Office (historical) OK Cimarron post office
    Garlinghouse Lake OR Benton lake
    Garlington (historical) SC Laurens pop place
    Garlington School (historical) SC Laurens school
    Garlington Street Grammar School (historical) SC Laurens school

Best of GARLING in Who is Who

  • Wilhelm Joachim Gerling (Jul 1698 - 25 Dez 1755)
    Wilhelm's father was Peter Gerling (d. Jul 1717 Rostock). Wilhelm Joachim was main pastor at the church St. Marien in Rostock / Mecklenburg. His son Peter (11-DEC-1732 Rostock - 15-DEC-1778 Rostock) followed him as a pastor in St. Marien. Another son, Christian Ludwig Gerling (11-NOV-1745 in Rostock - 13-JAN-1801 in Hamburg), had the highest church position in Hamburg from 1784 till his death. One grandson of Wilhelm Joachim, Christian Ludwig, was a famous astronom (see below).

  • Frederick Garling (17-FEB-1775 in London - 2-MAY-1848 in Sydney)
    In 1775 Frederick Garling was born as the son of Nicholas Garling (a London architect) in London / England. He became a solicitor. On June 9th, 1801 he married Elisabeth Spratt (1776 - 9-JUN-1828). In 1814 he was appointed Crown Solictor of New South Wales. In October 1814 he, his wife and five of his children embarked on a ship to Australia - his arrival in Sydney was on August 8th, 1815. In the following time Frederick Garling had high justice positions in Australia. His children (all born in England) were:
    Elizabeth Garling (b. 1802, m. 1830 G. H. Stuart)
    Caroline Garling (b. 1803, d. 1835)
    Sophia Garling (b. 1804, m. 1834 F. R. D'Arcy)
    Frederick Garling (b. 1806, landing Surveyor in the Customs Department and painter, m. 1829 E. Ward)
    Sarah Garling (b. 1807, d. 1840)
    Jane Garling (b. 1808)
    Nicholas Garling (b. 1809, drowned on a whaling expedition 1840)
    After the death of Elisabeth Frederick married again on September 15th, 1833 to Sarah Wilkinson.

  • Christian Ludwig Gerling (10-JUL-1788 in Hamburg - 15-JAN-1864 in Marburg)
    He was a student of the mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauß. Since 1817 he worked as an astronom in Marburg.

  • Frederick Garling (1806 in London - 1873 in Sydney)
    In 1806 Frederick Garling was born as the son of the Crown solicitor in NSW / Australia in London. In Australia he became a famous maritime artist.

  • Robert Gerling
    In 1904 Robert Gerling founded the "Bureau für Versicherungswesen Robert Gerling & Co. GmbH, Köln". His son Hans continued the work after WW II. Nowadays the holding "Gerling-Konzern Versicherungs-Beteiligungs AG Köln" owns several other assurance companies (Gerling Konzern Allgemeine Versicherungs AG, Gerling Konzern Lebensversicherungs AG, Gerling Konzern Globale Rückversicherungs-AG and others). Over 11.000 employers are working in over 30 countries.
    Genealogical data:
    Robert Gerling married Auguste Hoffmeister, they had the children Hans and Walter. Robert died in 1935
    Hans Gerling was born on 6-JUN-1915. He married Irene Uhrmacher 1942. They had 1 son and three daughters. Hans died in 1991.
    Walter Gerling was born on 24-OCT-1918.
    Rolf Gerling, grandson of Robert, took over the leadership of the Gerling-Konzern in 1992.

  • Hermann Ernst Friedrich Garling (19 Apr 1892 in Brüel / Mecklenburg, 7 Apr 1961 Karlsruhe(?))
    Hermann Garling is a famous painter.

  • Jean Garling (1907 in Gilgandra - 8-APR-1998 in Sydney)
    Jean Garling was the youngest of six children of Arthur Frederick Garling and his wife Minnie Christina. Jean is a great-granddaughter of Frederick the painter. She received a classical ballet training and was a prime mover in the Sydneys art world. Jean was a firm supporter of the Royal Australien Historical Society and organised a highly successful reunion of the Garling family in 1972. She was a big benefactor - in the State Library of NSW a room is named in her honour in 1992.

  • Steven Garling (8-JUL-1968 in Magdeburg - 21-MAY-2008 in Berlin / Germany)
    Steven was a famous musician (percussion and composition). See also www.steven-garling.de

  • Uwe Jarling (1968 / Germany)
    Uwe is a famous artist (especially Fantasy Arts). See also www.jarling-arts.com

Best of GARLING in Zoology

  • Research in Montserrat shows that the Garling is a local bird which was often seen in that area (see also country chapter for Montserrat).

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