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Die Website www.garling.worldwide


The Website www.garling.worldwide

Leer Diese Website ist der Treffpunkt aller Garling Stämme. Jeder kann nach seinen Vorfahren suchen und sich über verschiedene Garling Zweige in der Geschichte und in der Welt informieren. Wir werden versuchen, mögliche Verbindungen zwischen den verschiedenen Garling Zweigen zu finden, Wir werden unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf heutige und älteste Garlings richten.
  Leer This website is the meeting point of all Garling tribes. Everybody can look for his roots, can inform about different Garling branches in history and in the world. We will try to find possible connections between different branches. We will pay attention for nowadays and oldest Garlings.
Send your special genealogy to be published here.
Bitte mailen Sie uns Informationen, die dieses Ziel erreichen helfen. Helfen Sie uns die GARLING Familie zu erforschen. Senden Sie Ihre Mail an Dieter.Garling@gmx.de
  Please submit any info which is related to the aim of this website. Help us to research the GARLING family. Send your email to Dieter.Garling@gmx.de

Special: Gerlin in Italy

Thomas Gerlin (tgerlin@email.it) from Italy submitted the following interesting information:

Previously I thought that GERLIN descend from other surnames, because someones told me that during the domination of Republic of Venice (about 1830 and later) all surnames was trunked from the Republic to the last consonant, no more vocals was admitted at the end of surname. This was ordered to the population throug a law. Actually many surname in North east of Italy are trunked like Gerlin (...Visentin, Parolin, Pincin, Gardel, Trentin, De Martin are other examples).

Special: Garling in Mecklenburg

The Genealogy of the Garlings in Mecklenburg is described in some small contributions:
G. till 1800 Listing of Garling events (birth, ...) till 1800
Cousins found Far away cousins found by genealogical research
KA Dobbertin Garling in the Klosteramt Dobbertin (in German)
Emigrated G. Emigrated Garlings
Hans G. ancestors Who are the ancestors of Hans Garling? (in German)
G. at LDS FHC Garling in files of the LDS FHC


Gesucht - wer hat Informationen?


Wanted - who has information?

  • Johan (Jan) Jacob Jerling, from Lassan, emigrated to the Cape of Good Hope, 1773. Any information? Please inform mark@jerling.virafrikaans.com
  • Sophia Garling, born 23 NOV 1843 probably somewhere in Mecklenburg / Germany. Married 23 APR 1869 Friedrich Roloff. Where born? Parents? Mail to mccarel@jc.net
  • Friedrich Garling, born 11 JUN 1827 probably in Berlin / Prussia / Germany. Where exactly born? Parents? Mail to garling@staff.uiuc.edu
  • Hermann Heinrich Carl Garling, born abt 1873 - 1883 somewhere in Mecklenburg / Germany. Married with Ida Emma Auguste Möller. When and where born? Parents? Mail to Dieter.Garling@gmx.de
  • Johann Bernard Garling, b. 16.09.1841, emigrated on 20.10.1872 from Bremerhaven to US. The family is looking for him. Has anybody any information? Pls mail to Dieter.Garling@gmx.de

Websites für Garling Genealogie


Websites for Garling Genealogy

Danke für Beiträge zur Garling-Forschung


Thank you for Garling research contributions

  • Juan Carlos Garling, Santiago / Chile
  • Edith Garling, Tumwater / WA / USA
  • Svend Giversen, Sonderburg / Denmark
  • Ian W. Garling, Tornleigh / NSW / Australia
  • Ian R. M. Garling, Winston Hills / NSW / Australia

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