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Deutsch Auf dieser Seite sind die Garling / Gerling / ... Spitzenahnen aufgeführt. Spitzenahnen sind Vorfahren, zu denen keine früheren Vorfahren ermittelt werden konnten. Sollte diese Liste also irgendwann einmal vollständig sein, wird auch Ihr Vorfahre dabei sein.
English At this page the Garling / Gerling / ... Spitzenahnen (oldest roots) are listed. Spitzenahnen are ancestors for which no older ancestors are found. If anytime this list will be completed, your ancestor will be listed here.

The oldest Garling

Three men, a Russian called Iwanow, an American called Jackson and a man from Germany called Garling, are sitting in a restaurant and talking about their ancestors. The Russian: "In one of the archives in Petersburg I found documents that prove that my ancestors had already settled in that area in the 14th century." To which the American replies: "That's nothing. a while ago an archeologist excavated a totem pole in nebraska on which there were carved in signs from my ancestors from 900 ad." Mr. Garling from Germany just shakes his head and says: "Do you guys both know your bible?" The other two nodded. Mr. Garling: "Well, then you know Adam and Eve, too?" Again the two men nodded. "You see, and Eve's maiden name was Garling!" (Adopted from the Usenet)
First evidence of Garling in Germany and in the world

German language area:
  • Fritz Gerling mentions in his "Nachrichtenblatt" Gottfried Gerling, a consul (Ratsherr), who signs a document (with others) on February 21st 1322 in the Stift Marsberg (Germany, 34431 Marsberg)
  • The "Deutsches Namenslexikon" (H. Bahlow) mentions Peczolt Gerling in the year 1381 near Sorau
  • Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock, Greifswald, Wismar after 1450: mostly variants like Gherleghes, Gharleghe, ...
  • Around 1500 Lübbersdorf near Oldenburg / Holstein: arises from G(h)yrling and other variants about 1550 to Garling. After 1650 no further Garlings in that area.
  • (At least) since 1540 in villages of the monastery Dobbertin area (Oldenstorf, Lohmen, later Mestlin, Bellin) in Mecklenburg: Hans Garlinck is mentioned in a tax record, in the following years the spelling of the surname changes Garlinck -> Garlingk -> Garling, e. g.
    • Joch. Garlinck, Schweinehirt oo 27.9.1659 Kathrin Hinzes aus (Bad) Godesberg / Holstein in Parchim / St. Marien
    • Garling, Hartwig * abt. 1683 Zehna, Mecklenburg, Germany
    • Garling, Hans *1688 Lohmen, since 1725 in Mestlin, Mecklenburg
  • Gerling in Mecklenburg, Germany: mentioned in some oldest records but as a rule always shifted to Garling, i. e. we can find two name shifts: Garlinck and Gerling to Garling
  • Hans Garlinck receives on August 8th 1589 the citizen rights in Rostock. He is the Spitzenahne of the Rostock - Hamburg - Holstein - Marburg Gerling clan (Garlinck, Hans - -> Garling, Franz - -> Gerling, Peter + 1717 Rostock, then all descendants Gerling, an exception to above rule)
    In the Rostocker Hausgeld-Register der 1.-11. Fahne 1688 the following Garling (no Gerling!) are mentioned: Frantz Garlingk, Martin Weyman Modo: Peter Garling 1-0.
  • Heinrich Gerling was born abt. 1559 in Soest or Celle. He died 1654 in Soest and is the Spitzenahne of the Soest - Rostock - Iven - Neustrelitz Gerling clan
  • Garlich 1585 - -> Johannes Henricus Garling * 1728 Lutten / Vechta,
  • Aleid Joerling * 1675 Rhineland, Westfalia, Germany
  • Michel Garling mentioned 1716 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Susanne Garlin * 1744 Brandenburg, Germany (French Hugenotte)
  • Joachim Scharling 1846 on ship 'Agnes' to USA from Godesdorf, North Rhine, Germany (probably Jarling -> Scharling due to phonetics when put into written record). They seem to come from a Mennonite region where a variant of Plattdeutsch was spoken and G was pronounced (and written) as J. Therefore Garling -> Jarling -> Scharling.

Other areas:
  • England (especially counties Essex and Kent around 1550)
    • Gorlinge, Edmund * 1551 Frostenden, Suffolk, England (names like Gorlinge, Gyrlinge as a rule shifted to Garling)
    • Garling, Joane * 1575 Kelvedon near Colchester, Essex, England
    • Carling, Richard oo 1613 Thatcham, Berkshire, England (no link with nor shift to Garling). Remained unaltered until today.
  • Sweden end of 17th century
    • Catharina Garling oo 12.1.1690 Johann Beck in Stockholm
      Marten Garling (*8.12.1689), Karina Garling (*18.1.1691) in Bjornekulla, Kristianstad); father: Peter Garling (* abt. 1658/1660)
    • Scharling, Birgen oo 1643 Helsingborg, Sweden
    • Charling, Brigitta oo 1754 Valby, Uppsala, Sweden
    • Scherling, Johan David * 1867 Kalmore Lon, Sweden (son of German inmigrant, emigrated to USA and left no descendants in Sweden)
  • Netherlands after 1750, with descendants in Indonesia
    • Geerlich, Jan * abt. 1690 Holland -> Geerlink, Jan * abt. 1720 Wilp, Holland -> Geerlings, Geerlijck Jansen * 1747 Twello, Holland
    • Garling, Christina oo 1752 Amsterdam, Holland
  • Denmark: GARLING, Johan Diderich; Christening Date: 4 Oct 1744; Father: Caspar Hinrich GARLING; Mother: Eleonora Dorothea HINRICHSDR
  • Oldest Garling in Holland: Christina Garling oo 14.5.1752 Theunis De Vries in Amsterdam, Nord-Holland, Niederlande; father b. abt. 1732, source: LDS
  • There has been at least one Garling family in Finland in late 17th and early 18th century. In the Käkisalmi (Kexholm) county in Carelia one is mentioned about 70 times in the court records between Feb 1668 and Apr 1681.
  • USA after 1750, mainly German immigrants
  • Garling, Frederick * 1775 in England, since 1815 in Australia. Large Australian present-day family (see below)
  • About 1900 in Canada (descendant from Australian line)
  • About 1900 South America from Great Britain, 1924 Argentina, later Chile from Germany (Hamburg, Mecklenburg Garlings)

1540: Hans Garling - Mecklenburg / Germany

In 1540 an old tax list (Register der Landbede des Klosters Dobbertin) from Oldenstorf in Mecklenburg / Germany shows Hans Garling. Sometimes the name is also written as Garlingk. In the next years Hans Garling was mentioned several times. And later on other Garlings were mentioned too: 1570: Thieß G. (Oldenstorf); 1620: Chim G. (Lentzen), Jacob G. and Claus G. (Alten- und Nienhagen), 1650 Peter G. (Altenhagen) and Marten G. (Lohmen); 1665: Hinrich G. (Dobbin), 1675: Paschen G. (Lohmen); 1690: Jacob G. and Peter G. (Altenhagen), Jochim G. (Dobbin), Hinrich G. (Groß Breesen), Hinrich G. (Lohmen), Hans G. (Nienhagen). Starting in 1640 church records can be used to trace the relationships between these Garling's. Especially Lohmen delivers Spitzenahnen: Marten Garling (m. 28-FEB-1642 Maria Rangen), Peter Garling (m. 27-OCT-1645 Ilse Schmiedes, m. 8-JUL-1657 Anna Eickelberg), Hinrich Garling (m. 26-MAY-1685 Liese Schulten, m. 26-JUL-1700 Grethe Krüger), Jacob Garling (m. 24-NOV-1685 Maria Eckelberg).
In the years 1845 to 1890 many of the Mecklenburg Garlings emigrated to America. E. g. in the book "People of Pulaski County, Indiana 1983" is published a report about Joachim Johann Garling (9-SEP-1826 - 22-JUL-1899). He immigrated in 1854 into US from Mecklenburg / Germany. His Spitzenahne is Hans Garling (abt 1688 - 26-DEC-1754).

1543: Edmund and Thomas Garling - Kirkby Londsdale / Westmorland / England

The parish register of Kirkby Londsdale shows several Garlings. Babtized were: December 1543 - Margret, daughter of Edmund Garling, June 1549 - John, son of Thomas Garling, June 1551 - Margret, daughter of Thomas Garling.

1592: Jochim Scharlingk - Mecklenburg / Germany

In the year 1592 a lawsuit took place between the Plessen zu Bruel and Kl. Pritz and the monastery Dobbertin. As a witness was mentioned: Jochim Scharlingk from Schlagsdorf near Ratzeburg, age: over 60, profession: noble man.

1725: Scharling in Danmark from Germany

One of the two Danish Scharling lines claims to be a descendent from Johan Mathias Gerling, born 1769 in Elmshorn, died 1822 (with name Scharling) in Kalundborg, Denmark. He had 3 marriages. His parents:
Johan Nicolaus Gerling, born in Benshausen Sachsen abt. 1725, died May 22nd 1790 in Elmshorn. He was married on April 24th 1760 (properly in Benshausen) with Margreth Dorthe Engelbrecht, born July 29th 1737 in Elmshorn. Johans parents: Casper Gerlings maried with Elisabeth Maria. Margreths parents: Margareta and Michel Engelbrecht from Wedenkamp.

1751: Johannes Jacob Gerling - Speyer / Germany to US

In 1954 Paul E. Garling published the book "The Garling Family from 1751 to 1953". He described the Garling clan based on Jacob Gerling b. Apr. 3, 1766 (later the name changed to Garling!). Jacob Gerling married Elisabeth, both had eigth children born from 1800 till 1821 in PA / USA. Jacob died May 7, 1851. Paul E. Garling supposes, that Jacob Gerling is the son of an immigrant. He wrote: "The Garling Family dates back into the 1700's when they resided near a small town of Speyer in the Province of Bavaria in Germany. On September 16, 1751, Johannes Jacob Gerling arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the Ship named "Brothers" under the command of Capt. William Muir and it sailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with 200 passengers."

1765: Michael Garling - Germany to US

In 1910 Abraham Crider published the book "Genealogy of the Garling Family". He described the Garling clan based on his Great-grandfather Michael Garling. He wrote: "... no knowledge of where or when the first Garling ancestor saw daylight, other than Great-grandfather Michael Garling, who, when a youth, in the year of 1765, fled from his mother country, as a result of being poor, and oppressed by a tyrant in his native land. Took the stormy sea and the December blast; the desolate New England coast, and the warhop of savages." Crider supposes that Michael was born in Germany. Michael had two sons and two daughters. The book describes the genealogy of one son: John Garling. He was born April 20, 1771 in Schuylkill co., Pennsylvania, married with Catherine Hummel. Both had five sons and one daughter. In 1824 they migrated to Fairfield co., Ohio.

1775 - 1783: North American War of Independence

Several Garlings are listed in the documents of this war. Thomas, Gideon and John Garling are mentioned in the Revolutionary War Rolls (September 16, 1776; 2nd Regiment in the State of New Hampshire to Join the Continental Army in New York). In the Roll of Captain Lewis Farmer's Company the Private George Garling is mentioned, George is missing since August 27, 1776. A True list from The Captain WETSTONS Company in Braunshweig Township in the 3rd Battalion, Berks County Militia, PA; commanded by Colonel John Michael Lindenmuth; April the 28th 1780: Martin Garling is mentioned in the 6th class;

1815: Frederick Garling - Sydney / Australia

August 8, 1815 Frederick Garling immigrated in Australia from England. He is the ancestor of (nearly) all Australian Garlings (see also "Best Of").
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